Collateral Materials (click on link to view)


German Fest 2006

“Take A Look”

                German Fest 2006 On-Grounds Brochure

                German Fest 2006 3-Day Admission


German Fest 2004

“Your Passport to Fun”

                German Fest 2004 On-Grounds Brochure

                German Fest 2004 Passport 3-Day Admission



Public Relations Materials (click on link to view)


Press Releases

                Usinger’s Famous Sausage – Free Family Night at German Fest 2008

                Usinger’s Famous Sausage – Named Top Gift Choice 2006

                Usinger’s Famous Sausage – Big Brat on the Move to German Fest 2005

                Usinger’s Famous Sausage – Top Dog Heading to Olympics 2002

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